Minggu, 01 Mei 2016


Sherina, 2002
Tetes embun pagi
Alangkah cepat kau pergi
Tak inginkah kau sambut
semesta berganti hari

Akankah tampak cerah
Ataukah mendungmu
Membayangi hari-hari
Itu kan sangat berarti

Dalam hidup ini ku arungi
lautan yang penuh mimpi
dan misteri Sang Ilahi

It's in my life, my heart, my soul
my sense of love
Kedamaian di hati

And in my life, my heart, my soul
my sense of love
Mutiara hidup di lautan luas
Kujalin dan kuhias di hati

Tetes embun yang pergi
bilakah kau kembali
Takkan pernah ku tahu
apa yang terjadi esok hari


Sherina, 2002

It's a drop of morning dew
Why have you gone out of view
Wouldn't you be here to face a new
Day smiling at you

Will the sun be bright and shine
Or the clouds will overshadow
Your day tomorrow
With feeling of sadness and sorrow

I'll set a sail to a sea of dreams
And fantasies whirl with the wind
It's mistery of TheAlmighty

It's in my life, my heart, my soul
My sense of love
There I will try to find a peace of mind

and in my life my heart my soul

my sense of love
the living pearls of live for me to find
in my mind, so my heart won't go blind in my life

drops of fresh morning dew
I'll be waiting here for you
only god knows how tomorrow will be like for you and for my life

Now im gonna give some review about my childhood favourite songs “My Life”. this song realesed in 2002 when im still 2 yo. The singer is sherina. When she sing this song she’s only 12 yo. Okay back to the topic I really like this song because this song is really easy listening and have a really great meaning. This song tell us about life it isn’t always good but it can be bad too its described in the 2nd paragraph “ Akankah tampak cerah, Ataukah mendungmu membayangi hari hari”. And in the 3rd paragraph   described life from children viewpoint, every children have their own big dream and they must be reach their dream even they still didn’t know how it would be. And the reff “ and in my life, my heart, my soul, my sense of love, kedamaian di hati” “And in my life, my heart,my soul my sense of love Mutiara hidup di lautan luas Kujalin dan kuhias di hati” those paragraph mean even life is hard. We must do it in peace and calm because we know that behind the hardship. There is ease.

That’s all reriew from me. To be honest I really missed my childhood songs. I really fell sad when I see my cousin that only 4 yo sings dangdut and popular love songs.  #BringBackChildSong
source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67VzwuXp6vU